Struggling to Get Things Done? How to Overcome ADHD Overwhelm

ADHD Project planning

The dreaded feeling of overwhelm is all too familiar for people with ADHD. Whether it is a big project at work or a simple task that you feel should be easy, the ADHD brain struggles to break these things down into manageable parts. Unlike a neurotypical brain that plans, organizes and motivates naturally, those of us with ADHD have to learn strategies to help us overcome ADHD overwhelm.

Project vs Task

Let’s begin by defining a project versus a task. A task is something you can complete easily. A task becomes a project when it has to be broken down into multiple steps. Why is it important to define task versus project? Providing clarity on the enormity of something helps ADHDers overcome the overwhelm.

For example, organizing a junk drawer seems like a simple task, but it’s actually a project. When you organize the drawer you have to sort, decide, dispose and arrange.

Planning Your Project

When you have ADHD you often jump right into a project without thinking about the steps or you get project paralysis because you don’t know where to start. To help you manage a project there are a few steps you can take and a few questions you can ask yourself to help make the process easier.

Steps to a Project

  1. Before you tackle a project, identify the steps you will need to take to execute the task from start to finish.
  2. Visualize what done will look like. This step is important because if you are not clear on what you want the finished project to look like, then you might struggle to find the place to stop or get caught up in making it perfect instead of finished.
  3. Identify the amount of time each step will take
  4. If it is a project that will take more than one day, schedule the next step and add it to your calendar.
Questions to ask when planning a project with ADHD

Looking For a Little Help with Project Planning?

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ADHD Project Planner

Working with an ADHD Coach is a great way to learn strategies to help you get things done and create the strategies you need to manage life with ADHD. Click here to learn more about ADHD coaching.

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