ADHD Coaching helps individuals who are struggling with the challenges of ADHD. An ADHD Coach partners with clients to explore strategies and support structures needed to succeed in reaching their dreams and goals. When a person works with an ADHD coach, they are not seen as someone who needs to be fixed. Instead, they are viewed as creative and capable people and through ADHD coaching they develop a sense of self-awareness which allows them to identify barriers and discover their own solutions.

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ADHD coaching provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment that allows for personal growth and self-discovery. The coach provides encouragement and support while holding clients accountable for following through on their goals. 

ADHD Coaching helps people:

  • Identify barriers to success and create an individualized plan for reaching goals
  • Recognize negative thought patterns and develop strategies to reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Become aware of values and learning styles and how these impact learning and decision making
  • Learn about ADHD and how it affects them personally and throughout life
  • Explore solutions for time management, productivity, planning and organization
  • Create new habits and routines and help create an environment that encourages success
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