Welcome to A New Way to ADHD! My name is Jenny Bernardi and I am a mom of two neurodiverse daughters, an educator, and a woman with ADHD.

My ADHD Journey

Jenny Bernardi

Throughout my life, it seemed as though there was a missing piece to my puzzle. I constantly felt like I was struggling to keep up, to fit in, and always striving to be perfect to keep the chaos at bay.

I was the quiet girl in the back of the classroom. No one noticed that I had tot work twice as hard as my classmates to get good grades despite so many internal obstacles.

As I entered college, my world became so much harder to manage. Keeping schedules straight, getting to classes on time and staying organized was nearly impossible. Then, as I transitioned into my career as a teacher and started a family, life became completely overwhelming.

It looked so easy for everyone around me. I still didn’t understand why everything was so much harder for me. Scheduling, prioritizing, and managing a household while raising two differently-wired daughters, left me feeling depleted and believing I was a failure as a wife and mother.

The Life-Changing Diagnosis

When I received a long-overdue diagnosis of ADHD in my late 30’s, everything finally made sense. The struggles, self-doubt, and feelings of failure were all due to my ADHD and executive functioning struggles. With a new sense of purpose and understanding, I became proactive in making changes in my life. After an intense journey of self-discovery, I realized that I was passionate about helping other people through their own ADHD journeys.

As a teacher, I loved helping my students grow and discover new things. Now, as an ADHD coach, I work with clients to discover a part of themselves that has been hidden under the surface, and I work with them to create the life that they always wanted.

ADHD Parenting

As a parent of two differently wired kids, I know how hard it can be to keep your cool when parenting complex kids. Through my own coaching journey, I learned the tools that helped me parent from a place of love instead of fear and frustratiton. I am passionate about working with parents to help them learn strategies to help calm the chaos, create connections, and find joy in parenting.

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Education and Certification

  • Bachelors of Science in Education – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC) – International Coach Training Center (iACT)

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