New Client Services

Consultation Call

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Are you ready to take the first step on the ADHD Coaching journey? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to find out more!

During this complimentary half-hour conversation, we’ll explore the possibility of working together and discuss the coaching process. Bring your questions and anything you’d like to share about this moment in your life and the kind of support you’re seeking.

What happens during a consultation call?

  • Learn more about ADHD coaching
  • Ask any questions you have about the coaching process
  • Decide what coaching package would meet your needs

Strategy & Planning Session

The initial strategy and planning session is 75-90 minutes and is required prior to scheduling any one-on-one coaching calls.

During the strategy and planning session, we dive deeper into learning how ADHD impacts your life. We use this session to develop a blueprint to use as we work together. Through this collaborative partnership, we will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  

Cost: $125 one time fee

ADHD Coaching Packages

Thank you for inquiring about my coaching services. I have a few different coaching options available that would fit your needs. To give my clients the best outcome from the coaching process, I ask that my clients commit to working with me for several sessions. This allows us to uncover obstacles and create a path towards reaching your goals and making sustainable changes in your life.

6-Week Package

This package includes six one-on-one 50-minute ADHD coaching sessions.

Cost: $600

3-Month Package

This package includes twelve one-on-one 50-minute ADHD coaching sessions

Cost: $385/month

6-Month Package

This package includes twenty-four one-on-one 50-minute ADHD coaching sessions

Cost: $375/month
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What is Included?

  • 50-minute one-on-one sessions scheduled weekly
  • Foundation building key assessments:
    • ADHD Life Balance Wheel Assessment
    • Core Values Assessment
    • Strengths Assessment
  • Ongoing as needed email or text check-ins throughout the week
  • Individualized resources to help you develop your ADHD toolbox
  • Subscription to my email newsletters  

Special Services

Parent Coaching Workshop

Do you feel stuck and unsure of how best to parent your ADHD or complex child?  Are you ready to find a way to calm the chaos and help your child thrive?

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The Parent Coaching Workshop is designed to help you build a positive and supportive relationship with your child. During this six-week program, you will learn about your child’s unique ADHD. Through education and exploration, you will develop a perspective so you can parent from a place of compassion and understanding. We will work together create develop an ADHD toolbox of strategies and skills that will help your child overcome obstacles, foster their strengths, boost self-esteem, and improve family dynamics. Click here to learn more about Parent Coaching.

Cost: $650

ADHD Toolbox Workshop

Have you recently been diagnosed with ADHD? Are you frustrated by years of not living up to your potential and you are ready to make a change?

The ADHD Toolbox Workshop is for adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood and want to better understand their ADHD traits and how to effectively navigate life with ADHD.

During this 6-week workshop, you will learn how to identify your strengths, strategies and skills to help you overcome ADHD roadblocks, learn about executive functions and your unique learning style, and action steps you can take to create sustainable change.

Cost: $650

Single Sessions

For clients who have graduated from regular coaching sessions, but may need a refresher or assistance with a specific topic.

Cost: $125

Looking for more information about ADHD coaching? Head over to my FAQ page to learn more.