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ADHD Teen Coaching focuses on empowering teens with the knowledge and skills they need to take charge of their lives. Working with an ADHD coach is not about fixing something that is wrong. Instead, it is about finding your strengths and using those strengths to help you create strategies and new habits that will help you succeed in life.

Weak executive function skills, the demands of school and learning how to navigate significant life changes can make put enormous stress on kids struggling with ADHD. Fortunately, ADHD coaching is designed to help students with:

  • developing a better understanding of ADHD
  • managing time and maintaining schedules
  • getting organized and creating better study habits
  • planning and prioritizing
  • motivation and task completion
  • developing greater self-awareness and improving self-esteem
  • understanding executive functioning deficits and creating strategies for success
  • advocacy skills and independence

The ADHD mind is complex and amazing, and through our work together we will reveal the untapped potential that is waiting to be discovered.

How to Begin ADHD Coaching For Teens

Step One:

Consultation Call

During this 20-minute consultation we will:

  • Discuss your goals for coaching
  • Explore if coaching is right for your teen
  • Learn about my approach to ADHD coaching
  • Address any questions you have about coaching

Price: Free

Step Two:

Strategy & Planning Session

During this 90-minute intake session we will:

  • Identify how ADHD is impacting your teen’s life
  • Understand barriers to success
  • Prioritize areas to work on and create long-term goals
  • Discuss our plan for ADHD coaching

Price: $125

Step Three:

ADHD Coaching for Teens

Throughout this six-week program we will:

  • Identify strengths and learning style
  • Collaborate to create new habits and strategies for managing life with ADHD
  • Investigate challenges and create an action plan for success
  • Celebrate Successes

Price: $600

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ADHD Coaching for students Minneapolis

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ADHD for Teens Minnesota

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ADHD Coaching for Students Minnesota

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