The Story of the ADHD Toolbox

ADHD Toolbox

Living with ADHD can feel like being stuck in a dark tunnel with many twists and turns. You’re given a toolbox to help you get out. Although it is the same toolbox as everyone else in the tunnel, you can’t seem to get yours to work. You watch as people use their tools with ease. They make their way out of the tunnel and find success. You feel frustrated and stuck. People walk by and tell you that you would make more progress if you tried harder. How can they not understand how hard you are trying? With little progress being made, you conclude that the tools are not wrong, you are. You’re stupid and inadequate and destined to fail.

One day, someone notices you’re struggling and offers to help you figure out a way to get out of the tunnel. You quickly say no and walk away. You’ve tried so hard in the past and you know you can’t change. Why try if you’re going to fail again?

The person who offered to help begins working nearby. You notice that their approach to getting out of the tunnel does not look like the others. They have a different toolbox and it is helping them make a lot of progress. When you ask them about their toolbox, they offer to help you make your own.

ADHD Toolbox for Change

Even though it was hard to ask for help, you are grateful for the new tools and strategies and get right to work. As you get the hang of your new tools you feel stronger and more capable. You begin to see progress. Although you still struggle at times, you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

At last, you have accomplished your goal and you made it out of the tunnel! As you emerge, you know that you are not going to take the same path forward as everyone else. Although your path looks different, it still leads to great things.

How do you build your toolbox?

ADHD Coaching

Building your own ADHD Toolbox begins with accepting that how you approach things looks different than everyone else. Some things will continue to be hard, but with the right tools, change is possible. You don’t have to stay in the dark. By working with an ADHD coach, you can begin creating your ADHD toolbox and see the progress and success you have been looking for in life!

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